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The Hardest Thing I've Done as a Parent

Fall of 2016. My son was a Sophomore in high school. He was a good student, played sports, and was full of life. Practically overnight, his grades dropped dramatically, he was depressed, and he had very irrational fears. This was probably the hardest time I’ve ever gone through as a parent. This disease is terrible. Seeing your child struggle with fear and being depressed is something I wish on no one.

I don’t know why I didn’t realize he had Lyme disease right away, but I didn’t. I thought it was puberty and hormones. Nope. Lyme disease effected my son neurologically. I never knew bacteria could cause change in a person like this. After lots of prayer and research, I finally thought--could it be Lyme? I decided to get him tested. Sure enough, he had it.

We used all-natural options with him as well. My son used a nebulizing treatment. It got worse before it got better. But, upon finishing his treatment, he was a whole new kid. I got my boy back. I’m happy to report that he is 100% back to his old self—thriving and living his best life.

We incorporate essential oils and supplements into his daily routine now. He hasn’t had symptoms since his treatment. We are so thankful!

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