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Fight For Your Health

After researching Lyme Disease, I started wondering if I had it too. I had many symptoms but blew them off to age, being an athlete all my life, being a mom of 4 active kiddos, and running a business. I was exhausted, I didn't sleep well, I was forgetful, I had word-finding difficulties, I had no desire to do anything, I had pain in my joints, regular headaches, and more.

I asked my Primary Care Physician if she would test me for Lyme. I went to her because my daughter’s LLMD doesn't take insurance and also because insurance doesn't cover the natural alternatives— and Lyme testing and treatment wasn’t cheap. (That's a whole other issue we can chat about later.) She told me that just because my daughter had it doesn't mean I had it. She blew it off and said it was my under-active thyroid. I had to fight for the test to be done. I felt like she was mocking me. When did it get this way?

Back then, I didn't realize that you could get false-negative results, and that's what happened. Multiple studies have shown the two-tiered test for Lyme (ELISA followed by a Western blot) to have extremely high false-negative rates. This is because the test measures our immune response to the bacteria, and Borellia is masterful at disguising itself and changing its outer surface proteins to evade detection.

My test results were “indeterminate" (sometimes called "equivocal")". My doctor told me, "You don't need to worry, you don't have Lyme Disease”. I just knew I had it so I took the test results to my daughter's LLMD. I figured he would want to re-test me. He read the results and said I absolutely had it. I said, “WHAT? Wait, don’t those results say I don’t??” This is exactly why having an expert in the disease is SO important.

I needed my insurance to cover the expenses, so I had to have a positive test result. We used a company that specializes in tick-borne disease testing. It came back 100% positive. I have only ever used natural options for my Lyme Disease. First I used tinctures and supplements. I felt a little better. After my son was diagnosed (I'll tell you that story soon), we learned about a natural nebulizing treatment. We both started that right away. Now, I have a daily routine using essential oils, supplements, and nutrition to help manage it. I also have a special routine for those times I have symptoms show. Even though the bacteria was killed using the nebulizing treatment, my cells were damaged and healing is taking place now.

Oh, and guess what— to my knowledge— I’ve never been bit by a tick. Scientific studies support potential alternate modes of transmission; however these potential transmission sources have not been fully researched, so you won’t hear it from a lot of medical professionals. My LLMD agrees that you can get it through other means.

Fight for your health. If you don't get the help you need, try another doctor or resource. FIGHT.

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