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Natural Ways to Help

Between the three of us, we used a few different natural options. When my daughter was diagnosed, and after 6 weeks of antibiotics and awful side effects, we changed over to all-natural treatments.

She started doing tinctures and essential oils. It was a lot of work do make her tinctures 3 times a day, but if was worth it to me if it meant no more side effects. We also incorporated essential oils and supplements to get her immune system strong and to help with any discomfort she had. She continues using essential oils and supplements to this day, I want to make sure her immune system stays healthy and strong.

My son and I were diagnosed a year later. At this time, a friend had told me about a nebulizing treatment that her daughter had used with great success. I contacted my doctor and asked him about it. He recommended it for us, so we went ahead and got started with it.

This treatment was amazing for both of us. My son's symptoms completely disappeared! It was so hard seeing my son suffer, I'm so thankful we found this natural option. I also got better using the nebulizing treatment.

I know it could take time for the damage Lyme caused to heal, implementing essential oils and other natural supplements has supported my body during that process.

We also make better choices with our nutrition. We try to stay away from sugar, dairy, and gluten. Food is so important to help heal our bodies as well.

If you're feeling like there's no hope, know these natural options can help!

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