This is Hope!

Through our journey, we have tried everything from antibiotics (before I knew anything about the disease), herbs, tinctures, supplements, minerals, and essential oils. I have been a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA since March of 2013, so incorporating essential oils and other natural alternatives was something I knew I wanted to do. But what? How? This was all new to my family.

We took our daughter to a Lyme Literate doctor, or LLMD, and started treatment right away. My doctor gave me a couple different options. Antibiotics or tinctures and supplements. I was scared. I knew natural alternatives could help, but after hearing horrible stories from my friends, I thought that antibiotics were the only way to go. We decided to try antibiotics for both her Lyme and Babesia. There were days she had to take well over 15 pills or capsules. After 6 weeks of watching my daughter suffer from terrible side effects from the medication--including pain and emotional distress--we started using essential oils, herbs, and tinctures. Not only did she start healing, but her emotional health started improving!

So many people suffer from this terrible disease. My daughter, son, and I have all treated this disease using natural solutions, from essential oils, tinctures, supplements, and nebulizing treatments--all without side effects!

There is hope!

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